Talk Fusion’s Video Email Service Easy and Convenient

Talk Fusion is making it easier for business owners to connect with their customers in a way that helps them to be personal. They make a video products, like video email and video newsletter. Small business owners find that this company helps to give them marketing products, which give them the edge. Video gives companies the edge needed to make the client experience memorable and attract new clients.

Video email is one of their main products, and their customers love how easy it is to use. The videos can be original or from their pre-made template, and the original ones can be stored on the company’s site. The service couldn’t be cheaper, because for a one time fee of $175 and $20/month, they can have this service. What a deal! What’s really neat is the email is within the email, so the customer is not redirected somewhere else. Videos can be sent impromptu and don’t require a lot of planning.

Talk Fusion gives customers the full data behind the email to see how effective their emails are to clients. Who clicked it? Who viewed the email and video? Who didn’t view the email? These metrics allow the TalkFusion clients to see how effective the service is and if they are getting the money they paid for it. For clients who do not open emails, they can reach out to them and see if they can even open them.

Talk Fusion supplies small business owners with marketing and video communication tools to give them the edge to connect with their clients. Clients have the chance to see how effective their communications are and the products are easy to use.

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