Securus Technology video visitation

Have you ever wanted to visit with a loved one who was incarcerated without the hassle of driving to the prison. For many people, being able to see their loved one through the use of the video visitation is the only way they are able to see their family member. Many times parents have a fear of what their kids may see entering into a prison or there may be an age limit on who can visit, but with video visitation this isn’t an issue. Securus technology video visitation allows for family members to stay in the comfort of their own homes to be with their loved one. It is also beneficial for the imprisoned person to not miss out on everything while being in jail. It can give them a sense of hope that their whole life isn’t wasted and their life going on without them. A father can be there for his kid’s birthday or other special events such as seen in this video.
Securus technology is based in Dallas, Texas. It is a company that provides video services for prisoners and their family members. The prisons use this technology to allow for families to video chat with their family member and stay in touch throughout their incarceration. The family member would go to the website and set up an account and if approved they are able to schedule times for video chat. Pricing for this service is based on the prison they are in. More information is provided within this website,.

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