The Career of Dick DeVos

Dick and Betsy DeVos have been known as some of the biggest philanthropists in the United States. They have contributed a total of $139 million over the course of their lives. As the Secretary of Education nominee, Betsy DeVos has made a number of contributions to Republican candidates who favor school choice. With her contributions, Betsy has been able to promote the opportunity for parents and students to choose where they attend school. As a result, they will likely be in better position to get the quality education that they seek. A considerable amount of funds have been funneled through her and husband Dick’s charitable organization.


In the year 2015, the DeVoses donated a total of 11.6 million to charitable causes according to the Dick and Betsy Foundation’s website. This amount is double the $5.3 million they donated for political campaigns during the last five years. The couple is among the top political donors for the Republican Party. The family has been very active in politics since Dick Devos’ dad was making contributions. Dick’s dad Rich DeVos and his four children have donated a total of $104 million in 2015 which enabled them to be named among America’s Top Givers according to Forbes.


While the DeVos family has provided a considerable amount of funds to a number of charitable causes, education is usually among the most common. Dick and Betsy have donated $3 million in education causes in 2015 which makes up about one quarter of their total donations. Along with donating millions of dollars to education, they also gave $357,000 to a number of groups who support education as well. The couple has donated a lot of money on education because they want to make it better than it already is. With better quality education available, a number of people will be in better position to reach a number of their goals.


Dick DeVos is one of the most successful business people in North America. He has had a very long career managing and running one of the top direct sales companies in the world. DeVos spent many years working at Amway where he helped make it the most successful companies in the field. As well as being a highly successful executive, DeVos has also been involved in professional sports. At one time, DeVos owned the Orlando Magic basketball team. Along with being a successful businessperson, Dick has also participated in a number of charitable activities as well. On a regular basis, Dick offers contributions to fine arts organizations, education and business development. As a result, Dick DeVos has been known as not only a high achiever in business, but also someone who has given a lot back to his community as well.

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