EOS: Shaking Up the Lip Balm Industry One Ball at a Time

From the headline sponsor of Demi Lovato’s tour, to music videos by the likes of Britney Spears and Fergie, EOS lip balm has become a beauty staple. Admittedly, becoming a beauty staple paired with the company’s bold and unique design has also positioned EOS lip balm as a functional fashion staple.

EOS was featured by Fast Company in a recent article that shined a light on the upstart’s path to glory. While the lip balm company now typically sells over a million products a week, founders shared the importance of their humble beginnings and values in the article.

Co-founders of EOS were drawn to the lop balm beauty category due to the sheer lack of innovation. Products such as Chapstick looked shockingly similar to the same products that were on the market decades ago. Their goal was to disrupt the lip balm industry, while making a product that wouldn’t become a fad that quickly came and went. They wanted something that would stand the test of time and that people would actually enjoy using. The founders looked at lip balm from a new angle, not just one of functionality that softened lips, or one that smells and tastes good – they thought about additional senses that had never been associated with lip balm. From the feel of the round globe in your hand, with and ergonomic divert that perfect contours your thumb, even down to the soft click the sphere makes when it is shut – all five senses made EOS (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html) the beauty staple it has become today.

The company wisely utilized influencer marketing to promote their products in a fashion that appeared native to style setters that millennial look to for beauty and fashion trends. EOS reached out to Facebook bloggers, video bloggers, celebrities and other influences that appealed to the millennial generation to ensure the fun, round lip balm couldn’t help but catch the eye of their target audience.

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