Honey Birdette’s Rapid Expansion Continues

The Australian-based sensuality boutique Honey Birdette is enjoying massive success as of late expanding all across the globe. Honey Birdette began in Australia but has since grown to serve New Zealand, the UK, and Europe as well as opening online stores in the US. There has been a stunning 374% growth in their online sales in the US alone! Currently, Honey Birdette has 10 more stores slated to open in the UK some of which include locations in Westfield Stratford, Leeds, and Newcastle to name a few locations. They hope to have 40 stores open in the UK by the end of 2018. Australia currently boasts 55 Honey Birdette boutique locations.

Honey Birdette’s impressive growth is thanks to the wide variety of reasonably-priced options they have for lingerie including the average 35 pounds for a pair of briefs or 60 pounds for a bra. These are very reasonable prices compared to many other high-end, luxury boutiques. The size gamut also runs to ensure that everyone can find something to fit them! They offer bras from cup size A all the way up through F, and briefs in a variety of sizes as well.

In addition to Honey Birdette’s impressive array of lingerie, they also sell a variety of other novelty items including lubricants, pleasure toys, candles, and latex products. This makes the Honey Birdette chain one of the most wide-reaching specialty boutiques for lingerie today. They also offer 50% off of all orders that are purchased online long as they are worth at least $50!

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Betty DeVos`: A Force in the Right Direction

Betsy DeVos` a women who believes in change, was born on January 8,1958 to the parents of Edgar and Elsa Prince in Holland, Michigan. Edgar Prince, her father, was an industrialist billionaire of the company Prince Corporation that supplied automobile parts. DeVos` education had begun at the Holland Christian High School, where she transitioned to the Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. At the Calvin College, she attained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics. Betty is married to Dick DeVos` the son of billionaire co-founder of Amway, Richard DeVos` and together they have four grown children Rick, Elissa, Andrea, and Ryan. DeVos` is currently a member of the Republican Party. Formerly, she was a member of the Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan from 1992-1997. She also served as the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party.

Visit: http://www.betsydevos.com/

The work that I have seen DeVos` do has certainly being inspiring as well as fulfilling. The fact that she puts God first in her work is admiring. DeVos` has been a philanthropist for many years and continues to do her work for the service of God. In 1989, her family started the Dick and Betsy DeVos` Family Foundation. The foundations that they have built on faith can encourage us to be brave in the work that we do. It takes a strong woman who has faith to fight for what they believe in. Betsy DeVos is an example of brilliance and determination. If we all had her strong will and faith there will be not limit to what we can do. As of 2015, their foundation made over 11 million in contributions. The DeVos` foundation have contributed an exceeding amount of money to hospitals, art organizations, Christian schools, evangelical missions, and so much more. Numerous organizations have received funds from the foundations such as the Center for Individual Rights and the Right to Life Michigan Educational Fund. Betsy DeVos` was on the board of directors for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in 2004 where she was appointed by President Bush. Since she has left the Kennedy Center she has donated over 20 million to continue the performing arts. The best thing about Betsy is that she wants the children of America to have a chance. The devotion she has of being a philanthropist of education can be enlightening and the example of pure love. DeVos` has been an active participation in education has lead her and Dick trips to the Potters House Christian School. In this moment DeVos` was awaken with a spark to change education. In my opinion, education is an important factor in our world today. Children in developing countries do not always get the chance to learn and it is endearing to see DeVo`s take a stand. In the 1990s, DeVos` was on the boards of Children First American and the American Education Reform Council. These charities were focused on expanding the choice of education through vouchers and tax credit. In 1993, she and Dick contributed to the passing of Michigan’s first chart school bill. Currently, DeVos` serves as the 11th secretary of education. Check this article from New York Post.

The Copa Star Hospital Has High Tech, Luxury and Above All; Privacy

The Hospital Copa Star is a different take on what a hospital is. The decor and atmosphere are designed so that you would feel like you’re walking into a 5 star hotel. However, matching this 5 start level of commitment is the technical and electronic equipment as well as the qualifications and experience of the staff.

But there is another very important aspect of the Copa Star and it is not to glorify it’s patients; it is designed to respect and protect their privacy.

Why is this important?

Famous people, highly photographed and ‘Paparazzi Stalked” celebrities do not want to go to a hospital and have whatever they are doing there become a three part series of articles in the National Enquirer or the Examiner. Occasionally these types of people would like a little privacy for a medical problem.

A hospital constructed to the tune of $400 million U. S. dollars is expected to have many amenities and, as mentioned above, privacy for their ‘Unusual’ patients and their families.

The Hospital Copa Star spared no expense and conducted an extensive training program for the staff of this hospital that actually involved actually having celebrities from several different backgrounds give them scenarios to specifically train for. This includes not just a few unusual requests, but scenarios that really did focus on giving them the best medical treatment possible while keeping their identity and medical issues of any patient completely private. The staff does not talk about anything the goes in within the hospital walls; or even in the parking lot.

This ‘Star Cup Team’ is well trained in the fact that a mega-movie star or highly accomplished athlete honestly has certain issues that they want to, well, just keep to themselves and not have it splashed in 20 different countries and 12 different languages for everyone to see when they are standing in the checkout line at their local grocery store. Visit their profile page on facebook.com.

While there is the luxury aspect of the Copa Star; one of the main issues the address is the stress on famous people and their families when they do have a medical situation be it something of an extreme nature or

The Copa Start Hospital is located in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

EOS Lip Balm Is a Quality Lip Car Product That Is Positively Affecting the Quality of Its Customers’ Lives

EOS Lip balm has been a favorite by many customers of the particular product. What many people do not realize about Lip balm is that there are many different options available for them to invest in; however, it can be difficult to find a product that leaves their lips moisturized for long periods of time. This is why EOS Lip balm is one that is recommended, as it has shown to produce results that keep one’s lips healthy looking and feeling.

Why should anyone invest in anything other than a high quality product of any categorical item? Lip balm is a product of health and beauty that is often overlooked; however, that does not mean that you should neglect it as being a necessity of your daily hygienic/necessary items. It is a product that can significantly affect the quality of your life, as your lips are used for many different things, such as eating, speaking, and even be breathing.

EOS Lip Balm (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html) is a beneficial product because it enables one to take advantage of an opportunity in which they will be able to keep their lips healthy, moisturized, and feeling good. If you have ever undergone a point in time in which your lips were constantly becoming chapped and you had to keep on licking them for moistening due to not having any lip balm available, then you may be aware of just how annoying that can be. Contact an EOS Lip Balm customer service representative on Walgreens or Lucky Vitamin so that you can have assurance of knowing that your lips will be a healthy as possible by utilizing their product.

Betsy DeVos Makes Educational Futures Bright

There are many things that people can do to make their lives better but there are some people who simply do not have these opportunities. For people who live their lives below the poverty line, changes to their life is sometimes not possible and something that they have to deal with no matter what they have going on. Thanks to the options that are available from Betsy DeVos and the foundation that her family runs, though, these people are now able to get exactly what they need out of life and change the destiny that they have toward making their own lives better. It is something that is going to be much better for different people in the situations that they are in. It is also something that is going to change the way that things are done for people who are poor and cannot afford a great education.

In the past, there were many people who wanted to focus on higher education. Even the secretary of education wanted to show people that they could do better with a higher education. This was great for most people but it didn’t matter for the children who were not even able to get to the secondary part of their education. For many families living in poverty, this was a reality that they had to deal with regularly thanks to the issues that came along with poverty. Betsy DeVos knew that focusing on higher education was great but focusing on the basics of education was even better.

Through the foundation that Betsy DeVos created with her family, she was able to help create options for people who previously had none. This was something that made things better for those who were living in poverty and those who did not have those options before then. She wanted to show them that their lives would be so much better if they could get the right education. This didn’t mean trying to improve bad choices with public schools or working to make them “better.” It simply meant that she wanted to make sure that things would work better in different situations if people could get what they needed from educational sources aside from public schools.

Read more about their foundation at dbdvfoundation.org.

It can sometimes be hard to get things done the right way for families who are poor but Betsy DeVos knows the right way to do it. She wanted to show people that things would be different if they were able to get more options out of the things that they were doing. She also wanted to be able help people were poor. All of this led her to the secretary of education position where she is now able to help many more people out. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

Doe Deere Makeup Pioneer

Doe Deere is the profoundly beautiful founder of Lime Crime Make Up. The “Queen of Unicorns,” her devoted fans call themselves unicorns, loves her unique make up looks and enjoys her job as a passionate and creative provider of make up. Doe Deere has a unique story as to how she became a huge success, showing that anyone can make it big.


Deere is a Russian born beauty who moved to the United States at the early age of 17. She first moved to New York then to Los Angeles. When she first moved to New York, she was a musician and in a band. Being in the music industry, she learned about her career and marketing herself. These skills helped to translate well to her own business. Doe Deere appreciates people who come out to her events and this skill was one well learned through her days in a band. She also met her husband in the band, which is how they learned how to work well together. Being in a band requires massive collaboration.


Being a female entrepreneur, she has advice to offer those who wish to follow in her footsteps. She feels everyone has something to offer the world, so they need to follow their heart. Once a person realizes their truest potential and skill, they will be very successful at whatever they chose to do. Deere was always good at creating unique looks. At a slumber party, she remembers that she created very witchy looks for her friends who wanted to do a seance.


In 2008, Deere had a difficult time finding the bright and unusual colors she gravitated towards. Out of that passion, Lime Crime was born and she realizes how big the demand for those unusual colors were. Her company was profitable for that reason.


Makeup is more than a cover up to Deere. It is the freedom to express herself and be herself. She wants make up to give women the freedom to show who they really are. Deere studied at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, so she has some formal education in the beauty industry. Deere learned how to build a beauty company from the ground up and shows the example of what a truly successful female entrepreneur is.


Follow Doe Deere on Twitter @doedeere.


The Leadership Roles of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

There are many healthcare companies within the United States. While there are many, only a few companies have the compassion and the work ethic as Innovacare Health. Innovacare Health provides managed healthcare services to the many individuals and families in the United States. This healthcare company has two different types of care for their customers. The two types of healthcare are Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. Innovacare Health also has a program called Medicaid Programs. The healthcare company creates healthcare programs that are cost-effective for their patients. Innovacare Health has a mission of changing the way healthcare management works to redefine the healthcare market. Innovacare Health’s values are deeply rooted in their desire to be helpful to their members. Their values consist of quality medical care, having the patient always come first, strong relationships between patients and providers, growing the organization, top notch healthcare management, and medical innovations. Their leadership is also top notch, with some of their team working at Innovacare Health for many years. Learn more about Penelope on Bizjournals.

Richard Shinto is one of those individuals who have lead Innovacare Health with tenacity and with a sense of pride. Currently, Richard Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of Innovacare Health. Richard Shinto has held the position for many years. Mr. Shinto was the Chief Executive Officer and President of Aveta Inc. Prior to leading Aveta Inc, Mr. Shinto was the apart of the company’s management team. Along with being the Chief Executive Officer and President of Innovacare Health, Richard Shinto is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Puerto Rico branch of the Innovacare Health Plans.

Rick Shinto has over 20 years of operational and clinical experience in the healthcare field. His executive career also includes NAMM California, where he was the Chief Medical Officer. Before NAMM California, Rick Shinto was the Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Operating Officer of Medical Pathways Management Company.

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer of Innovacare Health. Prior to this role, she was the Chief Operating Officer of Innovacare Health. She joined the healthcare company again in 2015. Penelope Kokkinides has more than 20 years in the healthcare industry, specializing mostly in government programs.

Ms. Kokkinides was the Chief Operating Officer and the Executive Vice President of Centerlight Healthcare. At Centerlight Healthcare, Penelope Kokkinides was responsible for strategic direction and management. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University and Master’s degrees from New York University and Columbia Unversity. Visit Bloomberg.com for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

Whitney Wolfe Expands Dating App To Maximize Bumble Exposure

Bumble has become a successful app because it caters to a generation that is looking for in all in one app. Many people that have apps are somewhat tired of utilizing multiple apps for different things. Few people have a desire to sign into three or four different apps just to network explore dating options and build friendships.

Whitney Wolfe would have to consider how other apps functioned to tweak her Bumble app platform. All of these were things that would play an interesting part of the development of bumble. Whitney Wolfe has had a great career for someone that is under the age of 30. She has been in the technology business for years, and she is just getting started. It has been reported that Bumble is worth 500 million, and this is still fairly new app with a small number of employees. Much of this has to do with the fact that it has grown at such a rapid pace. More than 10 million people have downloaded Bumble, and there are lots of articles that talk about how people that are looking for long distance relationships are finding pleasure this app. It has become one of the best apps for the young crowd.

Whitney Wolfe is racing to get to a finish line in a race that many other entrepreneurs have not even started. She is a very innovative person that has shown that she is looking to do what has not been done. That is what she did with Bumble dating, and now she is creating similar vertical platforms for networking and friendship building. No other social media apps are doing this. That puts Whitney Wolfe in a class all by herself. It is evidence that she did not come to follow. Whitney Wolfe came to lead.

George Soros: Powerful, Political, Philanthropist

It appears that good times are back again, ladies and gentleman, and it comes in the form of George Soros. Not so long ago, Mr. Soros decreased his efforts to support many Democratic causes, but he is back with a sweet, vengeance. Yes, Mr. George Soros, the grandiose billionaire who has been a pillar of democratic causes for quite some time. For those who aren’t familiar with extreme politics, George Soros is the 85-year old Hungarian-born, New Yorker who has donated tens of millions for many Democratic causes, much to the chagrin of conservatives. According to Politico, the emergence of President Trump has made Mr. Soros more engaged than he’s been in many years. But to be fair, Mr. Soros’ generous giving haven’t been simply to squelch the negative aftermath of the newly elected, Donald Trump. He has also donated to other causes that would increase the rights of Americans everywhere. One such donation was the $5 million dollar donation to a nonprofit that battling the infringement of voter rights.

In an article on discoverthenetworks.org, George Soros’ philanthropic journey started as early as 1979. By 1984, Mr. Soros began to open his philanthropic wings by creating the first Open Society Foundation. The Open Society Foundation was inspired by Karl Popper, an advocate of creating freedom and liberation of democracies around the world. It is because of this premise that Mr. Soros shared with Mr. Topper, he allowed the creation of several of these foundations over time. Mr. George Soros is passionate about this brand because it has been said that he believes that America, if left to its basic instincts, has the ability to be an “oppressive” nation. But through this foundation, Mr. Soros has been able to donate money into various organizations that promote the common good in American values.

Know more on Investopedia about George Soros.

In essence, Mr. Soros has used his considerable assets to not just American causes but to causes for international, humanitarian efforts, as well. Such instances would include a donation of over $13 billion dollars over a span of 30 years to help in the fight for human rights around the world and in the building of democracies in Eastern Europe. In his book, The Alchemy of Finance, it was noted that Soros admitted to having “an exaggerated view of self-importance” and many of us do not agree with that assessment. Mr. Soros, sir, you ARE very, important to many of us. You are an integral part of the Democratic movement and we are happy you are on our side.