George Soros: Powerful, Political, Philanthropist

It appears that good times are back again, ladies and gentleman, and it comes in the form of George Soros. Not so long ago, Mr. Soros decreased his efforts to support many Democratic causes, but he is back with a sweet, vengeance. Yes, Mr. George Soros, the grandiose billionaire who has been a pillar of democratic causes for quite some time. For those who aren’t familiar with extreme politics, George Soros is the 85-year old Hungarian-born, New Yorker who has donated tens of millions for many Democratic causes, much to the chagrin of conservatives. According to Politico, the emergence of President Trump has made Mr. Soros more engaged than he’s been in many years. But to be fair, Mr. Soros’ generous giving haven’t been simply to squelch the negative aftermath of the newly elected, Donald Trump. He has also donated to other causes that would increase the rights of Americans everywhere. One such donation was the $5 million dollar donation to a nonprofit that battling the infringement of voter rights.

In an article on, George Soros’ philanthropic journey started as early as 1979. By 1984, Mr. Soros began to open his philanthropic wings by creating the first Open Society Foundation. The Open Society Foundation was inspired by Karl Popper, an advocate of creating freedom and liberation of democracies around the world. It is because of this premise that Mr. Soros shared with Mr. Topper, he allowed the creation of several of these foundations over time. Mr. George Soros is passionate about this brand because it has been said that he believes that America, if left to its basic instincts, has the ability to be an “oppressive” nation. But through this foundation, Mr. Soros has been able to donate money into various organizations that promote the common good in American values.

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In essence, Mr. Soros has used his considerable assets to not just American causes but to causes for international, humanitarian efforts, as well. Such instances would include a donation of over $13 billion dollars over a span of 30 years to help in the fight for human rights around the world and in the building of democracies in Eastern Europe. In his book, The Alchemy of Finance, it was noted that Soros admitted to having “an exaggerated view of self-importance” and many of us do not agree with that assessment. Mr. Soros, sir, you ARE very, important to many of us. You are an integral part of the Democratic movement and we are happy you are on our side.

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