Whitney Wolfe Expands Dating App To Maximize Bumble Exposure

Bumble has become a successful app because it caters to a generation that is looking for in all in one app. Many people that have apps are somewhat tired of utilizing multiple apps for different things. Few people have a desire to sign into three or four different apps just to network explore dating options and build friendships.

Whitney Wolfe would have to consider how other apps functioned to tweak her Bumble app platform. All of these were things that would play an interesting part of the development of bumble. Whitney Wolfe has had a great career for someone that is under the age of 30. She has been in the technology business for years, and she is just getting started. It has been reported that Bumble is worth 500 million, and this is still fairly new app with a small number of employees. Much of this has to do with the fact that it has grown at such a rapid pace. More than 10 million people have downloaded Bumble, and there are lots of articles that talk about how people that are looking for long distance relationships are finding pleasure this app. It has become one of the best apps for the young crowd.

Whitney Wolfe is racing to get to a finish line in a race that many other entrepreneurs have not even started. She is a very innovative person that has shown that she is looking to do what has not been done. That is what she did with Bumble dating, and now she is creating similar vertical platforms for networking and friendship building. No other social media apps are doing this. That puts Whitney Wolfe in a class all by herself. It is evidence that she did not come to follow. Whitney Wolfe came to lead.

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