Doe Deere Makeup Pioneer

Doe Deere is the profoundly beautiful founder of Lime Crime Make Up. The “Queen of Unicorns,” her devoted fans call themselves unicorns, loves her unique make up looks and enjoys her job as a passionate and creative provider of make up. Doe Deere has a unique story as to how she became a huge success, showing that anyone can make it big.


Deere is a Russian born beauty who moved to the United States at the early age of 17. She first moved to New York then to Los Angeles. When she first moved to New York, she was a musician and in a band. Being in the music industry, she learned about her career and marketing herself. These skills helped to translate well to her own business. Doe Deere appreciates people who come out to her events and this skill was one well learned through her days in a band. She also met her husband in the band, which is how they learned how to work well together. Being in a band requires massive collaboration.


Being a female entrepreneur, she has advice to offer those who wish to follow in her footsteps. She feels everyone has something to offer the world, so they need to follow their heart. Once a person realizes their truest potential and skill, they will be very successful at whatever they chose to do. Deere was always good at creating unique looks. At a slumber party, she remembers that she created very witchy looks for her friends who wanted to do a seance.


In 2008, Deere had a difficult time finding the bright and unusual colors she gravitated towards. Out of that passion, Lime Crime was born and she realizes how big the demand for those unusual colors were. Her company was profitable for that reason.


Makeup is more than a cover up to Deere. It is the freedom to express herself and be herself. She wants make up to give women the freedom to show who they really are. Deere studied at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, so she has some formal education in the beauty industry. Deere learned how to build a beauty company from the ground up and shows the example of what a truly successful female entrepreneur is.


Follow Doe Deere on Twitter @doedeere.


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