Betsy DeVos Makes Educational Futures Bright

There are many things that people can do to make their lives better but there are some people who simply do not have these opportunities. For people who live their lives below the poverty line, changes to their life is sometimes not possible and something that they have to deal with no matter what they have going on. Thanks to the options that are available from Betsy DeVos and the foundation that her family runs, though, these people are now able to get exactly what they need out of life and change the destiny that they have toward making their own lives better. It is something that is going to be much better for different people in the situations that they are in. It is also something that is going to change the way that things are done for people who are poor and cannot afford a great education.

In the past, there were many people who wanted to focus on higher education. Even the secretary of education wanted to show people that they could do better with a higher education. This was great for most people but it didn’t matter for the children who were not even able to get to the secondary part of their education. For many families living in poverty, this was a reality that they had to deal with regularly thanks to the issues that came along with poverty. Betsy DeVos knew that focusing on higher education was great but focusing on the basics of education was even better.

Through the foundation that Betsy DeVos created with her family, she was able to help create options for people who previously had none. This was something that made things better for those who were living in poverty and those who did not have those options before then. She wanted to show them that their lives would be so much better if they could get the right education. This didn’t mean trying to improve bad choices with public schools or working to make them “better.” It simply meant that she wanted to make sure that things would work better in different situations if people could get what they needed from educational sources aside from public schools.

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It can sometimes be hard to get things done the right way for families who are poor but Betsy DeVos knows the right way to do it. She wanted to show people that things would be different if they were able to get more options out of the things that they were doing. She also wanted to be able help people were poor. All of this led her to the secretary of education position where she is now able to help many more people out. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

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