Hussain Sajwani And His Outstanding Investments

In 2002, the government of Dubai decided to allow foreigners to purchase and manage properties in the country. One investor, Hussain Sajwani, saw this as a business opportunity and established a real estate development firm called DAMAC Properties. The company has since evolved and is currently one of the leading real estate companies in the UAE. What makes DAMAC such a success? For starters, the company employs some of the best marketing strategies that astonish many and lure buyers to their ranks. For instance, the company gives a free car to apartment buyers in January each year. However, much of DAMAC’s success is attributable to the extensive experience of the CEO, Hussain Sajwani.


Who is Hussain Sajwani? Sajwani was born in 1956 to a middle-class family in Dubai. The renowned billionaire undertook his studies at the University of Washington and received his B.S in Economics and Industrial Engineering. His career journey started at GASCO, where he served as a Contracts Manager after graduating. In 1982, DAMAC owner decided to venture into business and started his catering firm. The company grew rapidly and is now a market giant supplying food to various clients in different locations. The catering division is still part of the DAMAC Group, and it continues to penetrate more countries. After the catering venture, Hussain started DAMAC Properties.


DAMAC become an instant success and has since collaborated with numerous firms to give Dubai its modern look. Most recently, DAMAC worked with Donald Trump to develop two international golf courses, which were exclusively designed by Tiger Woods. One of the golf courses was launched in February 2017 and the other is scheduled to open in 2018. Trump gave a speech that revealed his pleasure working with Hussain Sajwani. He described Sajwani as a great investor and added that he was more than willing to work with him on more projects in the future.


Under Hussain’s leadership, DAMAC became a publicly-listed company on the Dubai Financial, and it currently employs more than 2000 employees. Apart from entrepreneurship, Hussain Sajwani family is celebrated for philanthropic deeds. Every year, Hussain makes generous donations to improve the circumstances of the disadvantaged groups from around the world.


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