Fabletics Stands Apart in the Online Marketplace

Though the internet has made it easier for brands to find their way to consumers, online giants like Amazon have made it challenging in order to succeed. This is especially true for those in the fashion industry since Amazon controls an approximate 20% of the online fashion market. In the case of Fabletics, ingenuity, goal setting, and a little star power gave them a road map to success.


Fabletics is a subscription service that provides customers with activewear from notable brands, which often get modeled by actress and part owner Kate Hudson. Many of the brands offered up by the service are high-end, but the business model keeps the cost consumer friendly. But where Fabletics really retains customers is through application of game theory and a commitment to comprehensive customer service. Their plan seems to be paying off as plans for expansion to physical stores in Florida and California are underway.


Gregg Throgmartin, General Manager, attributes their success to innovation on retail that allows them to undersell the competition by better understanding their subscribers and their needs. That manifests in a few interesting ways.


While many physical stores are losing out to customers who browse their products but purchase from online marketplaces for less, Fabletics manages to have browsers turn into buyers with pop-up installations. This strategy is effective at strengthening customer relations though engaging events that employ game theory to get people excited about the brand. Internal numbers show that this has resulted in getting many subscribers to reappear at events, sometimes making up as much as 50% of attendees, and 25% becoming subscribers at the end of the event.


The attention to data is not just a way to measure success but to ensure it adds to growth. Fabletics has applied its digital presence to maintaining consumer trust and satisfaction. By tracking what subscribers want online they know how to stock the shelves of their physical stores. According to Dustin Netral, Senior Vice President of Operations, this preference data takes fashion trends and internal data to ensure satisfaction.


Understanding data and how to apply it has solved many problems by helping the company has faced from concept to debut, and that commitment to change will be relied upon as they move forward. Now in the wild, Fabletics is encountering competition from companies working off similar models to theirs, and competing companies aware of the power of data and how to reduce risk for consumer and investor alike makes for a complex commerce environment. But dual presence, online and in physical spaces, is part of what Fabletics is hoping will get consumers to embrace a new way of browsing that leads to more sales, and that the enthusiasm that results from it makes for competitive loyalty both online and offline.


About Fabletics:


Fabletics was founded in 2013 by actress Kate Hudson, and Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg from Just Fab Inc. to find a niche in the fashion industry by catering to those seeking activewear.


Fabletics is dedicated to providing high-end activewear and engaging with subscribers to keep them motivated enough to remain active. By remaining on top of emerging trends, Fabletics focuses on providing quality products and services while remaining equitable for consumers who want to find their passion in life. |

The Life and Career of Todd Lubar

Now, President of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC, Todd Lubar has quite the career history. For Lubar, it all started in middle school, the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC. He would move on to The Peddie School in Hightstown, New Jersey. Even back then, he knew where he wanted to go in life.

After high school, he attended Syracuse University, where he earned his B.A. in speech communication. He’d always had a passion for finance and helping others. His first job was with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He learned a lot of useful skills at Crestar. In 1999, left Crestar and joined Legacy Financial.

At Legacy, he was responsible for growing their Maryland officer. Under his leadership, the company handled several $100 million in loan volume every year. Again, after gaining invaluable experience, he left the company for a better position. He went on to accept the Senior Vice President position at Charter Funding.

He wasn’t with Charter Funding too long before wanting to expand his horizons even further. In 2007, only two later, he left Charter Funding to explore other options. While venturing on his own, he began to notice the many changes the mortgage industry was experiencing.

He took that time to reflect on his decisions and decided to get back to basics. He, again, began focusing on purchase money mortgage origination. He took a job at Priority Financial Services so that he could rediscover the industry he fell in love with. Over the years, his interests have grown beyond just mortgage banking.

Aside from his corporate jobs, he’s also built a small empire with the real estate industry. He’s also ventured in the demolition industry, owning one of the top companies in a small region on the east coast. He’s even owned a few night clubs and some recycling businesses. One of his main passions nowadays is real estate development.

According to angel.co, his latest project is part of a series of constructions in the Baltimore area. Recently, Baltimore has been heavily impacted by a real estate crisis. Over the months, there have been signs that it’s beginning to recover and Lubar wants to get in on the ground floor.

Mr. Lubar is more than qualified to successfully bring life back into the area. For years, he was named one of the country’s top 25 mortgage originators.

Check out his tumblr account for more info.

See more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/todd-lubar-a3330565

EOS: Shaking Up the Lip Balm Industry One Ball at a Time

From the headline sponsor of Demi Lovato’s tour, to music videos by the likes of Britney Spears and Fergie, EOS lip balm has become a beauty staple. Admittedly, becoming a beauty staple paired with the company’s bold and unique design has also positioned EOS lip balm as a functional fashion staple.

EOS was featured by Fast Company in a recent article that shined a light on the upstart’s path to glory. While the lip balm company now typically sells over a million products a week, founders shared the importance of their humble beginnings and values in the article.

Co-founders of EOS were drawn to the lop balm beauty category due to the sheer lack of innovation. Products such as Chapstick looked shockingly similar to the same products that were on the market decades ago. Their goal was to disrupt the lip balm industry, while making a product that wouldn’t become a fad that quickly came and went. They wanted something that would stand the test of time and that people would actually enjoy using. The founders looked at lip balm from a new angle, not just one of functionality that softened lips, or one that smells and tastes good – they thought about additional senses that had never been associated with lip balm. From the feel of the round globe in your hand, with and ergonomic divert that perfect contours your thumb, even down to the soft click the sphere makes when it is shut – all five senses made EOS (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html) the beauty staple it has become today.

The company wisely utilized influencer marketing to promote their products in a fashion that appeared native to style setters that millennial look to for beauty and fashion trends. EOS reached out to Facebook bloggers, video bloggers, celebrities and other influences that appealed to the millennial generation to ensure the fun, round lip balm couldn’t help but catch the eye of their target audience.

Bob Reina And His Passion And Vision To Help The People Of The World

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 and they give back to communities worldwide. Nobody has a stronger commitment then the CEO and founder Bob Reina. He has donated $1 million dollars to benefit the animal foundation and supported an orphanage in Indonesia.

The program he launched through his company has every Talk Fusion associate donating a free account to whatever charity they choose. His goal is to help nonprofit organizations and charities worldwide.

Reina is devoted to finding a way to help individuals live their dreams and reach their goals with video marketing products that are on the cutting edge. This is why he founded Talk Fusion. Success stories have been abundant over time but his main concern is changing even more lives.

Mr. Reina has saved families with medical expenses that saved lives, financially helped his family and friends and made the impossible quite possible. He has taught his associates the true meaning of pay it forward. His vision is constantly becoming clearer. He helped the Nepal earthquake victims as well as the victims of Japans tsunami. Mr. Reina is proud of the difference his mission has made.

Bob began his career as a police officer. He has the ability to bring out the very best in people. He then used his email innovations to start Talk Fusion. One of his strongest passions is providing help to animals.

He has been responsible for so many animals having the ability to live in a forever home. Quite often he brings one of his own pets to work with him because he feels the atmosphere become more relaxed.

According to Biz Journals, Bob Reina’s vision is for Talk Fusion to keep getting better and bigger so they can help even more people. He truly understands how much hard work and passion it takes to stay that critical step ahead of the competition.

He used both when he attended the University of South Florida and again in his days at the police academy. He already has the passion and is happy and willing to put in as much hard work as necessary to achieve his visions.

The Accomplishments of Lori Senecal in the Corporate Sector

Lori Senecal is one of the women who command a lot of respect in the marketing and advertising industry. Her long service in the field has enabled her to acquire ample experience. She has worked for various agencies and is the current global CEO of a top advertising firm that is known as of Crispi Porter & Bogusky, LLC (CP+B). Senecal joined the company in 2015, and her leadership has assisted it to be successful. The company has given her authority of executing its objectives. She ensures that CP+B coordinate with MDC Partners to support international growth. The company presently runs nine branches that are based in various regions of the globe, and Lori is in charge of their coordination.

In a report by campaignlive Senecal had worked for different firms before she was offered an opportunity to serve CP+B. She was once hired by KBS+. Her expertise assisted the enterprise to develop from being a local business to a multinational corporation. KBS also increase its workforce from 250 to more than 950 individuals. The Crain’s New York Business appreciated the progress of the enterprise by naming it as one of the best New York-based employers. Lori Seneca is dedicated to ensuring that the clients that she serves are offered an exceptional experience.

CP+B has established excellent administration strategies that assist in fully utilizing the competence of its executives. Andrew Keller is the CEO of the United States region, and he heads all the undertakings of the firm in the area. Richard Pinder acts as the international CEO of the enterprise. Both CEOs serve under Lori Senecal who is the CP+B’s global CEO. The company has accomplished a lot, and it was offered the Global Infiniti Account shortly before Senecal started serving it. The firm’s ability to develop businesses enabled it to be awarded the account. CP+B’s development strategy involves creating niches in thriving marketplaces such as China.

Lori’s administration has transformed how CP+B conduct its business. She has been striving to improve the company’s operation by making it innovative, corporative, receptive, and dependable in the domestic and global market. Senecal has been assisting CP+B in acquiring the best professionals who can substantially contribute towards the growth of the firm. The company was nominated to compete for the Creativity Innovators of the Year Award, which is sponsored by The Advertising Age. The foundation also named her as an Agency Executive to Watch. She formerly served MDC Partner as its president and CEO.

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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Proves That Organization Works

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is one of the largest and most successful document processing companies in the nation as eight out of the top ten retail mortgage and banking companies in the nation use them for the bulk of their document, and title needs every day.


The company was established in 1991 as a small local title company, designed to serve their local area, and has become one of the country’s largest processor of mortgage documents and title verification.


Due to its extensive proprietary technologies, Nationwide can reach every county and jurisdiction in the country, totaling over 3,600 entities to search and verify the information that the mortgage industry needs regarding clear titles, lien releases and other documentation needed to verify mortgage and property information.


The primary measurement of a document company is how fast and how accurate the information gets to the client. Nationwide has a .78% failure rate and a 99.89 compliance rate. This simply means that nearly 100% of the documents that are searched for are located, and of those located, just about 100% are correct.


The credit for these remarkable statistics rests solely on the shoulders of the training department and the employees of the company. New hires receive a thorough three-week training regimen, and then when they come out for duty, they are closely monitored until they master their skills at that level. Their abilities are further honed with an additional 150 modules of training which they can take on a voluntary basis. These modules offer training in different directions for advancement.


Great care is taken in measuring how things have gone in the past. Document trailing is a big deal at Nationwide because if you know what has already occurred, you can eliminate the negatives and accentuate the positives. Chelsea Seguin, Assistant Vice-President of File Services for Nationwide, says in a recent White Paper that scoring past performances helps to eliminate those activities that regulators look for, leaving a clean record and giving a platform for improvement.


Nationwide is a good company to work for, as a recent commendation points out. Nationwide has been five out of the past six years as one of the top 100 companies to work for according to the Tampa Bay Times. This survey is an independent evaluation and is out of the hands of the recommended companies.


Nationwide Title Clearing has come a long way from its humble beginnings and is likely to continue its winning ways for a long time to come.


For more details, visit http://www.nwtc.com/.


A Look At One Of The Founders Of JustFab

JustFab, Inc., recently renamed TechStyle Fashion Group, was founded in 2010 by business partners and friends Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. JustFab is an online retailer that offers fashionable, quality clothing at prices that are much less than their more traditional competitors.

The company recently passed over $1 billion in valuation which makes it a Unicorn in the technology field. The company has raised a number of rounds of funding including a round that raised $85 million in 2014. In total it has raised almost $250 million in 6 rounds from 10 different investors on centraljerseyworkingmoms.com. Among the leading investors in JustFab are venture capital firms Passport Capital, Shining Capital, Rho Capital Partners, and Matrix Partners.

Don Ressler, along with Adam Goldenberg, serves as the co-Chief Executive Officer of JustFab. Ressler has also teamed up with Goldenberg to found other companies in the online fashion industry including Intelligent Beauty. More recently Ressler, Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson founded Fabletics which has been a huge success since the day the website opened. This brand is focused on providing affordable active wear that is also fashionable on linkedin.com. As Fabletics produces the clothing in-house they have complete control over the quality and can quickly respond to fashion trends.

Don Ressler has always been interested in fitness and so he wears active wear clothing pretty often. When meeting with Kate Hudson he immediately saw the appeal of offering fashionable active wear to women that didn’t break the bank. Until Fabletics opened its doors women’s fashionable active wear was incredibly expensive for what it was. Ressler has also commented that he and his team at JustFab know exactly what they are. They recognize they’re not a yoga brand, tennis brand, or anything of the sort. He says they are the brand for wearing when you work out and then throughout the day.

Source: http://brandettes.com/interviews/don-ressler-of-fabletics/

Karl Heideck Makes Litigation Navigable

Karl Heideck Makes Litigation Navigable
Karl Heideck Makes Litigation Navigable

The legal system can be complicated and difficult to weather, but a good litigator makes a big difference when it comes to understanding the process.

Litigation begins when a plaintiff comes forward to an attorney with a complaint against a defendant. The case must be fully investigated, the law must be researched thoroughly, and the plaintiff and defendant must negotiate and come to an agreement about how to settle the dispute. Sometimes, disputes are resolved during a trial — but with the help of a good litigator, a lawsuit can be settled much earlier, avoiding lengthy, costly court proceedings.

A litigator is an attorney who oversees the case from start to finish. He is responsible for managing the case in its entirety, giving him an excellent grasp on the facts of the case and a solid relationship with his client. The best litigators are people like Mr. Karl Heideck: intelligent, hardworking, resourceful individuals who can help clients understand the litigation process and negotiate a fair settlement that leaves both parties satisfied.

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney in the Philadelphia area with ten years of experience. An already talented writer, he studied English and Literature at Swarthmore College, honing his skills so that now as an attorney he is well-versed in legal writing and research. He also graduated with honors from the Tempe University Beasley School of Law and is now an accomplished contract attorney.

Karl Heideck is an exceptional litigator who specializes in risk management and compliance practices. He has hands-on experience working with the entire litigation process: developing relationships with clients, negotiating, resolving conflicts, and dealing with the complexities of litigation. Karl Heideck is skilled, intelligent, and dedicated to ensuring that his clients have the best possible experience with the legal system.

Learn more about Karl Heideck: http://www.wayn.com/profiles/tinkdnuos

Brad Reifler’s Finance Principles

Brad Reifler is the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital Management. Before that, he was the CEO and chairman of his company, Pali Capital where he served between 1995 and 2008. He previously worked at Refco as a star trader before founding Pali Capital.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler also worked as a director at Foresight Research Solutions, Genesis Securities and the European American Investment Bank. He is currently a director at the Sino Mercury Company.

As CEO at Pali Capital, Brad guided the company to achieve over $200 million dollar profits. Under his care, the company also grew to employ over 200 workers. They also widened their scope from the US to Australia and the United Kingdom.

In a recent article published at the Huffington Post’s Contributor platform, Brad Reifler shared some financial lessons that everyone is required to learn. Here are some of these principles:

The Importance of a Budget

The same way businesses prepare budgets to plan their expenses and predict their revenue, individuals ought to figure out their possible income and how they intend to spend and save their cash. In fact, you would handle your finances better if you considered yourself as a business.

If you understand the importance of balancing your income and expenses while focusing on future needs, you will be able to avoid falling victim of unmet needs and endless debt.

What Compound Interest Does

A young person who begins saving a small amount of money every week or even month can become rich by the time they reach retirement age. The interest gotten from your saved money is added to your account balance and this result in even more interest.

Over a long period of time, the compounding effect will result in substantial gains and help to reduce the stress that comes with retirement.

Get Good Deals

They say,” cheap is expensive.” Paying more to get better quality stuff might make sense especially if you can comfortably afford it. Shop around for better offers or negotiate on things like life or car insurance without decreasing their value. It is good to understand the difference between an item that has a low price and one that has a good deal.

Reinforce the above financial lessons in your life then pass them to any young adult. Understanding budgets, saving, credit and other financial concepts will help you create a secure and stable financial future.

Learn more about Brad Reifler: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/brad-reifler-forefront-capital-want-165445401.html

Arthur Becker Real Estate

If you want to succeed at a high level in real estate, you need to follow the advice of people who have already had success in this area. Arthur Becker has made a career investing in real estate, and learning the basics from him is one of the best things that anyone can do. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are taking place in this area, reports the NY Times. Not only does Arthur Becker truly care about his workers, but he also wants them to succeed in other areas as well. A lot of people are looking to jump in the real estate market while it is going up.

Arthur Becker

When Arthur Becker first started out in real estate, things were much different. There were no options to shop for real estate online, so you had to go around and look for places by yourself. With all of the changes that have taken place in the market recently, buyers need tone aware of some changes in various areas. Arthur Becker knows how to help people understand the basics of personal finance. There are a lot of people who can benefit from expanding their investments in real estate. Not only does Arthur Becker want to help others, but he is using his wealth and influence to make an impact on the community as well.

Final Thoughts

If you want to succeed at a high level in life, you need to learn from people who have already done so. Arthur Becker is the type of person who is always willing to work with others on a solution to a problem. Not only that, but he is willing to invest in the lives of others as well. Arthur Becker knows what it takes to invest in real estate, and he got started many years ago. With all of the changes in the market since that time, a lot of the things still remain the same. You need to spend a lot of time finding a deal, even if you do have the information that is available online.

To learn more about Mr. Becker, visit arthurbeckerstudio.com.