Hussain Sajwani And His Outstanding Investments

In 2002, the government of Dubai decided to allow foreigners to purchase and manage properties in the country. One investor, Hussain Sajwani, saw this as a business opportunity and established a real estate development firm called DAMAC Properties. The company has since evolved and is currently one of the leading real estate companies in the UAE. What makes DAMAC such a success? For starters, the company employs some of the best marketing strategies that astonish many and lure buyers to their ranks. For instance, the company gives a free car to apartment buyers in January each year. However, much of DAMAC’s success is attributable to the extensive experience of the CEO, Hussain Sajwani.


Who is Hussain Sajwani? Sajwani was born in 1956 to a middle-class family in Dubai. The renowned billionaire undertook his studies at the University of Washington and received his B.S in Economics and Industrial Engineering. His career journey started at GASCO, where he served as a Contracts Manager after graduating. In 1982, DAMAC owner decided to venture into business and started his catering firm. The company grew rapidly and is now a market giant supplying food to various clients in different locations. The catering division is still part of the DAMAC Group, and it continues to penetrate more countries. After the catering venture, Hussain started DAMAC Properties.


DAMAC become an instant success and has since collaborated with numerous firms to give Dubai its modern look. Most recently, DAMAC worked with Donald Trump to develop two international golf courses, which were exclusively designed by Tiger Woods. One of the golf courses was launched in February 2017 and the other is scheduled to open in 2018. Trump gave a speech that revealed his pleasure working with Hussain Sajwani. He described Sajwani as a great investor and added that he was more than willing to work with him on more projects in the future.


Under Hussain’s leadership, DAMAC became a publicly-listed company on the Dubai Financial, and it currently employs more than 2000 employees. Apart from entrepreneurship, Hussain Sajwani family is celebrated for philanthropic deeds. Every year, Hussain makes generous donations to improve the circumstances of the disadvantaged groups from around the world.


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The Leadership Roles of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

There are many healthcare companies within the United States. While there are many, only a few companies have the compassion and the work ethic as Innovacare Health. Innovacare Health provides managed healthcare services to the many individuals and families in the United States. This healthcare company has two different types of care for their customers. The two types of healthcare are Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. Innovacare Health also has a program called Medicaid Programs. The healthcare company creates healthcare programs that are cost-effective for their patients. Innovacare Health has a mission of changing the way healthcare management works to redefine the healthcare market. Innovacare Health’s values are deeply rooted in their desire to be helpful to their members. Their values consist of quality medical care, having the patient always come first, strong relationships between patients and providers, growing the organization, top notch healthcare management, and medical innovations. Their leadership is also top notch, with some of their team working at Innovacare Health for many years. Learn more about Penelope on Bizjournals.

Richard Shinto is one of those individuals who have lead Innovacare Health with tenacity and with a sense of pride. Currently, Richard Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of Innovacare Health. Richard Shinto has held the position for many years. Mr. Shinto was the Chief Executive Officer and President of Aveta Inc. Prior to leading Aveta Inc, Mr. Shinto was the apart of the company’s management team. Along with being the Chief Executive Officer and President of Innovacare Health, Richard Shinto is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Puerto Rico branch of the Innovacare Health Plans.

Rick Shinto has over 20 years of operational and clinical experience in the healthcare field. His executive career also includes NAMM California, where he was the Chief Medical Officer. Before NAMM California, Rick Shinto was the Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Operating Officer of Medical Pathways Management Company.

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer of Innovacare Health. Prior to this role, she was the Chief Operating Officer of Innovacare Health. She joined the healthcare company again in 2015. Penelope Kokkinides has more than 20 years in the healthcare industry, specializing mostly in government programs.

Ms. Kokkinides was the Chief Operating Officer and the Executive Vice President of Centerlight Healthcare. At Centerlight Healthcare, Penelope Kokkinides was responsible for strategic direction and management. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University and Master’s degrees from New York University and Columbia Unversity. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

The Life and Career of Todd Lubar

Now, President of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC, Todd Lubar has quite the career history. For Lubar, it all started in middle school, the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC. He would move on to The Peddie School in Hightstown, New Jersey. Even back then, he knew where he wanted to go in life.

After high school, he attended Syracuse University, where he earned his B.A. in speech communication. He’d always had a passion for finance and helping others. His first job was with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He learned a lot of useful skills at Crestar. In 1999, left Crestar and joined Legacy Financial.

At Legacy, he was responsible for growing their Maryland officer. Under his leadership, the company handled several $100 million in loan volume every year. Again, after gaining invaluable experience, he left the company for a better position. He went on to accept the Senior Vice President position at Charter Funding.

He wasn’t with Charter Funding too long before wanting to expand his horizons even further. In 2007, only two later, he left Charter Funding to explore other options. While venturing on his own, he began to notice the many changes the mortgage industry was experiencing.

He took that time to reflect on his decisions and decided to get back to basics. He, again, began focusing on purchase money mortgage origination. He took a job at Priority Financial Services so that he could rediscover the industry he fell in love with. Over the years, his interests have grown beyond just mortgage banking.

Aside from his corporate jobs, he’s also built a small empire with the real estate industry. He’s also ventured in the demolition industry, owning one of the top companies in a small region on the east coast. He’s even owned a few night clubs and some recycling businesses. One of his main passions nowadays is real estate development.

According to, his latest project is part of a series of constructions in the Baltimore area. Recently, Baltimore has been heavily impacted by a real estate crisis. Over the months, there have been signs that it’s beginning to recover and Lubar wants to get in on the ground floor.

Mr. Lubar is more than qualified to successfully bring life back into the area. For years, he was named one of the country’s top 25 mortgage originators.

Check out his tumblr account for more info.

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Arthur Becker Real Estate

If you want to succeed at a high level in real estate, you need to follow the advice of people who have already had success in this area. Arthur Becker has made a career investing in real estate, and learning the basics from him is one of the best things that anyone can do. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are taking place in this area, reports the NY Times. Not only does Arthur Becker truly care about his workers, but he also wants them to succeed in other areas as well. A lot of people are looking to jump in the real estate market while it is going up.

Arthur Becker

When Arthur Becker first started out in real estate, things were much different. There were no options to shop for real estate online, so you had to go around and look for places by yourself. With all of the changes that have taken place in the market recently, buyers need tone aware of some changes in various areas. Arthur Becker knows how to help people understand the basics of personal finance. There are a lot of people who can benefit from expanding their investments in real estate. Not only does Arthur Becker want to help others, but he is using his wealth and influence to make an impact on the community as well.

Final Thoughts

If you want to succeed at a high level in life, you need to learn from people who have already done so. Arthur Becker is the type of person who is always willing to work with others on a solution to a problem. Not only that, but he is willing to invest in the lives of others as well. Arthur Becker knows what it takes to invest in real estate, and he got started many years ago. With all of the changes in the market since that time, a lot of the things still remain the same. You need to spend a lot of time finding a deal, even if you do have the information that is available online.

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The Advice of Eric Pulier

Of the many innovators in present day, one individual in particular stands out not only for his drive to help others through the use of technology, but also through his experience and his ability to inspire others to follow his path that will help individuals all over the world in even the most impoverished regions. This individual is known as Eric Pulier, an individual with many titles as well as recognition from both the private sector as well as from the public sector. Eric Pulier is many things including an innovator, a businessman, an author, a philanthropist, as well as a father who wants to make sure that the future continues to look bright for not only his children, but for other generations all over the world. Eric Pulier has dedicated his entire career to solving some of the world’s most complex issues by using technology as an assisting guidance.

Eric Pulier is the founder of several businesses. Eric Pulier has helped to fund over 15 successful businesses that have all received funding due to their innovative platform as well as each companies’ drive to help and to inspire others with their innovations. Though Eric Pulier is considered to be a successful businessman, Eric Pulier believes that success is not attributed to the amount of wealth that is accumulated through a business. Instead, Eric Pulier believes that success derives from failure. Those that have experienced failure and that continue to persist in their endeavors are truly successful in the eyes of Eric Pulier.

One of the initiatives that Eric Pulier is the most passionate about is making sure that individuals all over the world have access to universal healthcare. Eric Pulier believes that this need for healthcare is a basic need that should no longer be considered an expensive luxury. Eric Pulier has worked with both the public and the private sector on initiatives and think tanks in order to find solutions for this problem through the use of technology. Eric Pulier was even asked to advise Al Gore on global issues and to advise him on ways to solve them.