UK Vintners, The Right Place Buy Wine

When it comes to sales and acquisition of champagne and wine, UK Vintners is the best company. It is based in the United Kingdom, and it provides wines from popular European vineyards. Due to its exceptional service, many customers choose UK Vintners. The customers include people who drink wine for pleasure, collect wine for making money, and develop private cellars. Some customers are fond of having a large wine collection too. Whatever is the case, UK Vintners is there to provide them with the best champagne and fine wine through its vast network.

The team of consultants at the company is small, but their job is big. Clients of all types get personal guidance from the consultants about various products. Some customers prefer direct meeting with the consultant. For them, the company can send a consultant to the desired location like office or home. The company provides thoroughly sort out recommendations because it is not in contract with any merchant. It is connected to numerous traders, merchants, and brokers.

If the customers become members of UK Vintners’ website, they can also buy champagne and fine online. A minimum age of eighteen is must for buying wine. It is strongly recommended to read entire terms & conditions before buying anything. There are different payment options. Customers can use BACS transfer, cheque, PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards. The company has ensured that payment through its website is secure and safe. All major debit cards and credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express can be used. As some customers do not like to use credit cards, they can use the telephonic option for sending the payment. A customer will have to send the cheque to the address of the company if he wishes to use this option. Clearance of the cheque is must to process the order. For huge corporate orders, BACS transfer is the most suitable option.

Whether the customer is inside or outside the UK, the company deliver the order. A little more than six pounds are charged if the order’s price is less than five pounds. The delivery is free if the order costs more than fifty pounds. It takes up to three days to deliver the order within the UK. The shipment charges are higher for international clients. The minimum international shipment charges are nine pounds. Some countries do not allow shipping of champagne and wine due to customs laws. UK Vintners packs all products with great care; it has an experience of forty years.